Igniting the
Passion to Serve

The Society of Philippine Artists,Recreation and Community(SPARC) is a non-profit organization that is federally registered in Canada.We help and support our kababayans, from newcomers to new businesses, by organizing events that help our community thrive


Taste of Manila Event

Mabuhay! The longest running original Filipino street festival, Taste of Manila, is celebrating its 10th year in 2023 at the corners of Wilson Ave. and Bathurst St. Toronto, ON. The area is also popularly known as Little Manila, will host the event on August 19 and 20, 2023.

Who we are

The Society of Philippine Artists, Recreation and Community (SPARC) is a non-profit organization based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Our purpose is to create an avenue to connect more Filipinos in our continuously growing community. We achieve this through sponsored events that would help fulfill their needs – whether it’s mental, emotional and/or financial.

We promote and organize exciting family-oriented activities that could help alleviate mental and emotional issues such as loneliness, depression, and homesickness. Through our events, our participants can make new friends and connect with more Filipinos in the community. Moreover, our events serve as a venue to promote new businesses and assist Filipino entrepreneurs attract more customers.

Our Vision

A well-connected Filipino community brought together by cultural events showcasing the rich Filipino tradition and heritage.

Our Mission

  • 01

    To introduce the Filipino culture and heritage to the mainstream Canadian.

  • 02

    To help and assist Filipino entrepreneurs by providing them a venue to promote their products and/or services.

  • 03

    To provide exciting avenues in connecting with younger generations that would help keep the culture alive.

  • 04

    To influence the youth and involve them in different Filipino and Canadian community organizations that could eventually champion our community causes.

  • 05

    To boost the “bayanihan” spirit (refers to the spirit of communal unity, work and cooperation to achieve a particular goal) to help our community in times of need and celebrate their victories.

  • 06

    To support other non-profit organizations through volunteer work and fundraising initiatives.

  • 07

    To engage with other organizations that stage family-friendly extracurricular activities such as sporting events and entertainment classes that helps them develop their mental health, physical strength and social skills.

  • 08

    To connect to our kababayans who just arrived in Canada by guiding them with their post-arrival needs.

We would be happy to respond to any inquiry regarding our cause and events.

Please email us at info@sparccanada.ca

Community Partners

Primetime Events Group

Primetime Events Group organizes and delivers services that are designed to meet specific needs of each of their clients from concert production, fashion gala, and corporate events. With their team of experts and professionals, they are sure to exceed expectations from pre-planning conceptualization to on-site events management.


MyKapitbahay is an interactive, social network website establishing the traditional Filipino community in a virtual platform. MyKapitbahay views everyone as neighbors in the vast neighborhood of Canada. Although divided by province, region, and city, everyone is able to connect and help each other- keeping the bayanihan spirit alive through this platform.